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About Shaft Clamps

What is a shaft clamp?

Shaft clamp are used for axial positioning of parts. Shoulders and shaft clamp are the most reliable method of locating parts on shafts. They are all structures on the shaft and are part of the shaft.

How do shaft clamp work?

Using the adjustable screw, the shaft clamp can be securely tightened or loosened. The screws on the collar act as a locking ring, holding the ring in place by friction.

What are the shaft clamp used for?

Manufacturer of vertical and horizontal conveyors, horizontal motion equipment machinery, retail, medical uses including hospital beds, agricultural equipment, adapters and robotic activation.

What is the material of the shaft clamp?

Materials include 303 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, and galvanized or black anodized steel.


Can I get recommendations for cost-effective shaft clamps for different budget constraints?Yes, recommendations for cost-effective shaft clamps can be provided based on different budget constraints. Here's a detailed explanation:When selecting shaft clamps, it's...

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MCL-19-P, 19mm One-Piece Shaft Collar, Plastic, Clamp Style, 40mm OD, 15mm Width


LV-OF-MCL-12E-AN, 3/4″ Mountable One-Piece Shaft Collar with Clamping Lever


MQCL-10-A, 10mm Quick Clamping Shaft Collar, Aluminum, Quick Release, 38mm OD, 10mm Width


OF-MCL-40-SS, 40mm Shaft Collar With OD Flats And Holes, 303 Stainless Steel


MSP-3-P, 3mm Two-Piece Shaft Collar, Plastic, Clamp Style, 16mm OD, 9mm Width


OF-MSP-25-F, 25mm Shaft Collar With OD Flats And Holes, Black Oxide Steel, Two-Piece Clamp Style


SP-3-A, 3/16″ Two-Piece Shaft Collar, Aluminum, Clamp Style, 5/8″ OD, 0.281″ Width


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